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TEAFCS By Laws Updated July 29, 2021

TEAFCS Standing Rules rev. 2015

Officer Application

Executive Board Cycle

TEAFCS State Conference Hosting Rotation/Past Meetings

TEAFCS Conference Planning Handbook

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TEAFCS Committees

*2021-2022 TEAFCS Committee Sign-Up*

Chair is TEAFCS President-Elect: Joceline Villareal

2021-2022 Members:

  • Attends JCEP/PILD Conferences in the Spring
  • Receives and presents resolutions of membership during annual meeting
  • Writes at least 1 article for Texas Extra
  • Cooperates with other associations when appropriate on projects that promote objectives congruent with those of TEAFCS (break during Judges and Commissioners Conference)
  • Promotes Public Policy awards and applications procedure
  • Completes NEAFCS Public Policy requests
  • Completes NEAFCS Impact Statements with help of committee members.


Chair is TEAFCS Immediate Past President: Liz Espie

2021-2022 Members:

  • Serves as liaison with retirees
  • Recognizes members retired since last state conference (purchase, wrap and present gifts)
  • Keeps members apprised of benefit changes and pending legislation as well as benefits available from national membership
  • Promote state and national membership in the association
  • Work with Past Presidents Council to inform potential new members of the advantages of membership
  • Provide mentoring and leadership opportunities for membership at all stages


Chair is TEAFCS Secretary: Melode Watson

2021-2022 Members: Andrea Brooks, Penny Berend

  • Review by-laws as appropriate for supporting goals and objectives of Association
  • Notify all members of proposed changes through Texas Extra


Chair is TEAFCS Texas Extra Editor: Sarah Latham

2021-2022 Members: Courtney Mercer, Molly Flores, Angie Sifuentes

  • Keep detailed records, prepare and present proposed by-law changes to membership as stated in guidelines of TEAFCS
  • Update By-laws approved by majority vote of Association membership. Send to Webmaster to be posted on TEAFCS website
  • Update Standing Rules approved by majority vote of Association Board. Send to Webmaster to be posted on TEAFCS website


Chair is TEAFCS Treasurer: Norma Munoz

2021-2022 Members: Sally Garrett

Fundraising Sub-Committee: Liz Espie

  • Develop and manage plans for fundraising congruent with Association budget needs. Work with TEAFCS Treasurer as part of committee
  • Plan and conduct needed fundraising event


Chair is TEAFCS Historian: Kellie Brown

2021-2022 Members: Sarah Latham, Chris Coon

  • Keep history of TEAFCS, including any information available on NHDA and when the two associations merged; includes all other groups which may have participated. Takes or collects photos of state events and other documentation of the past year such as award programs, etc


Chair is TEAFCS 1st Vice President: Ronda White

2021-2022 Members: Kailey Scott, Raquel Rodriquez, Joanne Ureste

  • Coordinates TEAFCS awards application/recognition process by informing membership of procedures/dates, etc
  • Collects and sends awards applications to appropriate committee for judging
  • Forwards winners to Southern Region by due date
  • Obtains awards prior to state meeting
  • Prepares awards booklet and script
  • Coordinates awards presentation with committee chairs
  • Coordinates invitations to winner and arranges for special awards
  • Informs administration of award winners and coordinates presentations with administration


Director to be appointed by TEAFCS 1st Vice President: 

2021-2022 Members: Alaina Woolsey, Angie Sifuentes Laura Graves

Coordinates awards judging for:

  • Greenwood/Frysinger Award
  • Distinguished Service Award (DSA)
  • Continued Excellence
  • Extension Educator of the Year
  • Ann Sonner Scholarship (State Award)
  • Florence Hall Award
  • New Professional
  • Para-Professional Award (State Award)


Director to be appointed by TEAFCS 1st Vice President: 

2021-2022 Members: Angie Sifuentes, Stacie Winders, Kelli Maberry

Coordinates judging for:

  • Dean Don Felker Financial Management
  • Mary W. Wells Memorial Diversity
  • Program Excellence Through Research
  • Excellence in Community Development (State)
  • School Wellness Award
  • Extension Housing Outreach
  • Early Childhood Child Care Training
  • Environmental Education
  • Food Safety


Special Awards/New Awards

Director to be appointed by TEAFCS 1st Vice President: 

2021-2022 Members:

Coordinates judging for:

  • Extension Support Staff Award (State Award)
  • Specialist Award for Distinguished Achievement (State Award)
  • Clean and Healthy Families and Communities Award
  • Family Health and Wellness Award
  • Living Well Award
  • Living Well Mini-Grant


Communications and Media Awards

Director to be appointed by TEAFCS 1st Vice President: 

2021-2022 Members:

Coordinates judging for:

  • Newsletters
  • Written Press Release
  • Radio/Podcast
  • Internet Education Technology
  • Educational Curriculum Package
  • Educational Publications
  • Television/Video
  • Educational Technology
  • Photography
  • Social Networking Award


Public Relation/Commodity Awards

Director to be appointed by TEAFCS 1st Vice President: 

2021-2022 Members:

Coordinates judging for:

  • Marketing Package Award
  • Community Partnership Award
  • County Judges and Commissioners Award (State Award)
  • Human Development/Family Relationship Award
  • Friend of Extension (State Award)
  • Woman of the Year (State Award)
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