2018 National FCS Meeting

2018 NEAFCS Conference Committee List

Decorations – Chair: Chelsea Stevens

Tonya Poncik

Lynette Babcock

Cindy VanDevender

Leticia Hardy

Gayle Bludau

Denise Goebel

Tanya McGonagill

Karen Jungman

Kate Whitney

Micah Holcomb


Equipment – Chair: Angel Neu

Julie York

Katie Phillips


Finance – Chairs: Sherri Halsell, Abigail Pritchard

Kristen Gorda


First Timers – Chair: Joan Gray Soria

Donna White

Julie Smith

Jymann Davis

Jill Killian

Jenifer Boening


Hospitality – Chair: Gretchen Sanders

Norma Davila

Evans Kott-Walker

Bethany Arie

Carrie Brazeal

Angie Monk

Sally Garrett

Sandy Taylor

Claudann Jones

Hannah Glaeser

Louraiseal McDonald


Howdy/Welcome Event – Chair: Connie Sheppard

Melode Watson

Dianne Gertson

Jennifer Trufan

Carolyn Tyler

Jackie McLaughlin

Molly Flores

Janie Pineda

Kathy Farrow

Tina Trevino

Charla Bading


In Depth Sessions – Chair: Kathy Smith, Angela Fiedler

Jacque Behrens

Tanya Davis

Joel Redus

Felice Acker


Leadership Event – Chairs: Linda Wells and Karen DeZarn

Eliza Cavazos

Meilana Charles

Janet Nelson

Elsie Lacy


Opening Ceremonies – Chair: Connie Sheppard

Abigail Meyer

Mandy Patrick

Denita Young

Louraiseal McDonald

Jocelin Villarreal


Pre/Post Conference Tours – Chair: Marian Ross

Lynna Wright

Michelle Allen

Chinatu Gladrich

Jheri-Lynn McSwain


Promotion – Chair: Brittany Coop

Micah Holcombe

Courtney Latour

Wendy Hazzard

Amy Wagner

Carissa Wilhelm-expertise with Dinner Tonight Commercial

Odessa Appel- expertise with Dinner Tonight Commercial


Sponsorship – Chair: Kay Herron Rogers

Stacy Drury

Tanner Williams

Corey Owens

Chelsey Eicke


Spouse/Guest Activities – Chair: Shea Nebgen

Audra Graves

Kate Whitney

Jana Osbourn

Ronda White

Cameron Arias

Emily Janowski

Bethany Jackson


Wellness Activities – Chair: Dawn Dockter

Andrea Degelia

Holly Black

Vickie Lacy

Stephanie Salinas

Tami Putnam

Gracie Walling

Emilee Yanez

Kailey Roberts

Sonia Coyle

Milissa Wright

Sheryl Austin


Fundraising – Chair: Nancy McDonald

Amy Griffin


Pre-Conference – Chair: Claudann Jones

Lillian Mesquida

Louraiseal McDonald

Cindy VanDevender



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